Inspirational people – My Dad

This is a section where I focus inspirational people.

People who have not let age define who they are and what they should be doing with their lives. They say that ‘youth is wasted on the young” but these people have the wisdom, the young outlook and the balls to have it all. This world is filled with ordinary people doing extraordinary things, who put the ‘Younguns’ to shame.

My first profile is on my biggest inspiration, my Dad.

My dad was almost an enigma growing up. He worked nights at a local hospital and during the day he was sleeping. My brother and I would always worry about waking him up, so would tiptoe around the house.

When I left home, my lovely mum used to be the go between on the phone. “Oh your dad says hello” Oh tell him I love him!” but I always felt that there was a lot of love there so never thought twice.

When my dad reached his 40th, he decided not to count anymore.

Quite an ingenious idea, (unless you love birthdays) and after that was blissfully suspended in time until he received a letter from the Department of Pensions, asking if he was still alive. He had not realised that he had turned 65 four years before and his pension pot had been sitting there waiting for him unclaimed.

Unfortunately my mum died over a decade now from breast cancer.

We were all left heartbroken but over the last couple of years I have gotten to know my dad more from the experience and it’s been a pleasure. He introduced my husband and I to veganism, nearly five years ago now and it changed our lives. He has been one for many years and one weekend decided to treat us to a weekend of diabolical documentaries on animal treatment and the effect that meat and animal products has on our bodies. That well and truly put us off eating anything animal for life.

The first thing he does in the morning, before he gets up is meditate. He thanks god for his lot and puts himself in a good frame of mind ready for the day.

Afterwards he exercises (On his home gym right next to the tv) Then gets on with the day. He says that he made himself get up and exercise everyday even when he thought he couldn’t. Forced himself. He says that it saved him from going downhill with the sadness of his wife not being there. He has a six-pack that would put men a quarter of his age to shame.

Anyway, sending out much love to my Dad. A very inspirational man. I had been living with a guru all this time and didn’t know it.


Do you know someone who is extraordinary just by being themselves?

Are you inspiring and could teach us a thing or to?

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