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Don’t get me started on Cocoa Butter! Ok then, if you insist.

As soon as I open a fresh pack of cocoa butter, the first thing I do is to stick my nose in and breathe deeply. A little piece of chocolate heaven. I then painstakingly split it into three. The first lot goes in a pot next to the shower, the second pot goes into my handbag and comes with me where ever I go and the rest goes in my kitchen cabinet, ready for some lovely dessert making when the inspiration strikes.

Also called oil of theobroma, it is the fat of the cocoa bean. It is solid at room temperature. It melts easily and gives chocolate it’s melt in the mouth texture. Chances are you have been using cocoa butter on your body up until now, at the very least eating a chocolate bar with cocoa butter in. Its contained in many commercial lotions, soaps etc.

However, why bother with all the creams and lotions, with all the additives, chemicals and other nasties.

You can just use raw, unrefined cocoa butter straight from the packet. I use it on my skin, especially for extra dry patches. As it is solid at room temperature, take a small piece in the shower with you. It will melt quickly with the warmth and massaging it into wet skin will hold in more moisture. Leave a little time for it to dry as it can stain clothes and towels with oil. Once dried your skin is soft and silky.

I put it on my hair, to keep it soft and as it’s curly, it leaves great definition. It also manages a dry scalp and is good for dandruff.

I use it on my lips, as well as keeping them moisturised and soft. I am not swallowing harmful toxins like, for example, I would with petroleum jelly (the problem is in the name!)

As with any change in your beauty routine, your skin might feel drier initially, but persevere, it is worth it. Also do a patch test first to make sure that it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Unlike commercial moisturisers that draw moisture from the deeper skin layers and that contributes to premature ageing, cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin and creates a natural barrier against the elements.

Experiment with mixing it with a good raw coconut oil. Or essential oils for textures and scents that you like for different parts of the body. Always buy raw and unrefined, as it contains more good stuff than the refined. There are some good online organic suppliers, so you can be sure it’s not mixed with cheaper oils.

If all that wasn’t enough

*Believed to reduce stretch marks, blemishes, scars and wrinkles.

*Loaded with nutrients including magnesium, iron and copper, so helps with beauty thing from the inside out!

*I find it much cheaper than the commercial lotions and balms and better for you.

*High in antioxidants, and fights free radicals. Protects your skin after sun and sunburn. Seriously anti ageing.

*Great shelf life. You can keep it for a couple of years (although mine never lasts that long) unlike other oils it does not go rancid.

*Good for sensitive, irritated skin. Although do a patch test first before using, as with all new things you use on your skin.

*Contains healthy fats. Now that the myth of bad, good fats, unsaturated, saturated fats have been well and truly blown out of the water, we learn that no cell in the body, especially the brain, cannot function without fat.

The fats in cocoa butter are good for the inside (Especially heart and brain) and the outside (works as an emollient to keep moisture in the skin for hours)

Be aware though that cocoa butter will put the weight on you so don’t get carried away and eat it responsibly. Lol

*You smell like a giant chocolate bar afterwards!!

As you can see, I’m in love with the stuff. Its all natural and you will see the difference in your skin.



Is there a natural product that you can rave all day about, or any natural recipes that work for you?

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